Shares “Quadras” Mikhail Prokhorov has risen by 15% on the Moscow exchange

Ordinary shares “Quadras” on the Moscow stock exchange on Wednesday afternoon has risen by 15.4% to RUB 0,00285 per share, according to the auction. By 17:10 Moscow time growth was 2%, the securities traded in 0,00252 RUB.

The stock soared after “Quadra-power generation” said about the readiness to buy back shares from minority shareholders, which the shareholders ‘ meeting on June 28 will vote against the syndicated credit from Sberbank and Gazprombank for RUB 7.5 billion the Company is willing to purchase ordinary shares at a price 0,0029 RUB apiece, and preferred — by 0,027 rubles.apiece.

The group ONEXIM Mikhail Prokhorov and her two affiliated companies — Joule energy limited” and “Regatta kholdings limited — owns 74.74% of actions “Quadras”, and the rest of 25.26% — to minority shareholders.

For the loan from Sberbank and Gazprombank “Quadra-power generation” will attract financing from ONEXIM. Major shareholder will provide a “Quadra” loan of 3 billion rubles (taking into account previously issued 750 million RUB) until 2026 at the rate of 8.25% per annum.

After receiving a 7.5 billion RUB total debt “Quadra” to Sberbank and Gazprombank will rise to 41 billion rubles for the mortgage loan first will be the shares of the company, but “Quadra-power generation” does not specify what kind of package it is.

The representative “Quadras” said Wednesday that the company to the consumers of RUB 3.6 billion. According to her, one of the conditions for receiving a loan is the government’s decision to postpone the deadline for entering the TPP, which the company now builds. When a decision can be made, it is difficult to say, but said that this issue is being discussed in the Ministry of energy.

The General Director of “Quadra” Yuri Pimenov 18 may said that the borrowed money will be spent on the construction of the Diaghilev TPP in the Ryazan, Alexin TPP the Tula region Voronezh TPP-1 in Voronezh. Their company builds on agreements for supply of power (PDM). They provide return on investment through the sale of energy at a higher rate than plants that were not built according to the PDM.

According to Pimenova, the Diaghilev TPP is 80% ready, the company will be able to finish it in December 2016. Aleksinskaya CHP is planned to be commissioned in June 2017, her willingness to 50%. The timing of construction of CHP plant in Voronezh is not known, but it is ready on 30%.

These stations had to be operational in 2015 and because of the failure of needs to pay large fines to consumers. In December, the Reuters Agency reported that by the end of 2015, the company owed fines of about 3 billion rubles., discusses the postponement of payments until running out of blocks and seeks from the government decision on the postponement of construction. The representative of the Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, who oversees the energy industry, said Wednesday that to reduce the penalties, you need to meet a number of conditions a company (details she did not specify). According to her, has been instructed to prepare the appropriate draft orders of the government.