The government will send urgent repair of roads more than 10 billion rubles.

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the distribution of 10.85 bn in 2016, between 24 regions of Russia, including 20 cities that feel the need to improve the condition of roads. Document published on the government website.

In regions will be directed funds received from the fee collection system with heavy – “Plato”. The corresponding order the President gave at the meeting on April 19.

In reference to the orders of Prime Minister noted that the measure will “increase the volume of repair, construction and reconstruction of highways of regional, intermunicipal and local value”. The document was approved at the government meeting on may 19.

The largest intergovernmental transfers for repair of roads will receive Omsk oblast (750 million RUB), Karelia (700 million rubles), Volgograd, Samara and Saratov region (for 650 million rbl.).

The system of collecting charges from trucks weighing more than 12 tonnes using Federal highways was introduced on 15 November 2015. It was assumed that drivers obtained money will be directed on repair of roads.

As told on may 24, the commercial Director of the company — operator of the “Plato” RT-invest the transport system” (RTAS) Anton Locks, during operation, the system of “Plato” brought to the Federal road Fund of more than 8 billion rubles.

“Vedomosti” wrote that, on average, that the owner of a car paid 1800 rubles. per month, it’s like driving on Federal highways only 1200 km, but in reality trucks passing 10 000-14 000 km, otherwise the carriers remain without profit. Thus, the state loses the payments, concludes the edition.