The Kremlin has supported the return of Donbass Ukraine for humanitarian reasons

According to the press-Secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov, in the case that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was guided by humanitarian considerations, speaking about the return of the Donbass, it “can be maintained”. This Peskov said that “the claims of Russian regions” are not commented.

“If he meant that he intended to return the Donbass, guided by considerations of humanity, then this statement can be supported. And, in fact, is what we can hope for in Moscow”, — said Peskov reporters Thursday (quoted by RIA news).

Peskov also added that “in parts of the Crimea” “claims to Russian regions,” the Kremlin has not commented.

On the eve after the return of the Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko in Ukraine Petro Poroshenko promised to return Donbass and Crimea, “as we have restored Hope”.