Trump gathered for the presidential nomination votes

This result was achieved after a small group of electors representing the party elite and having the right to vote regardless of the outcome of the primaries and Caucus, told the AP that will vote for trump at the party Congress in July.

Only for the nomination of a candidate requires votes 1237, but, according to estimates by the AP, it already support 1238 electors. The results of the last party’s vote in Washington state trump recruited 1229 votes.

7 June Republican primaries held in five States. The result will determine which of the challengers will depart voices still 303 electors. The Agency notes that trump has a chance to get all these votes and to avoid a vote at the Congress.

The same vote count are still few publications. In particular, the counter counter Bloomberg and Politico also pointed out that trump is ready to support 1238 electors.

The United States presidential election will be held on 8 November this year. The main contender from Democrats considered the former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Competitors of trump in the camp remain Republicans Ted Cruz and John Kasich.