G7 supported the continuation of the sanctions policy against Russia

The leaders of the countries “the Big seven” in their final communiqué, (.pdf) of the G7 summit in Japan expressed support for the policy of sanctions against Russia. The document stresses that the term of their action is strictly linked to the implementation of the Minsk agreements. At the same time, depending on Russia’s actions, can be introduced additional sanctions, ” the document reads.

“We are United in our belief that the conflict in Ukraine can be resolved only by diplomatic means and with full respect for international law, especially the legal obligation to respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine”, — stated in the communiqué.

It also notes that the summit condemned the annexation of Crimea, do not recognize the accession of it to Russia and support its policy of sanctions.

“We emphasize our strong support for full implementation of the Minsk agreements and the work of the format “Norman Quartet”, as well as the Trilateral contact group. We expect that Russia will fulfill its obligations and use its influence on separatists in the performance of its obligations in full”, – stated in the text of the document.

The communiqué stresses that the validity of sanctions is strictly linked with the full implementation by Russia of the Minsk agreements and respect for Ukraine’s sovereignty. “The sanctions can be lifted when Russia will fulfill these commitments. At the same time, we are ready to impose additional restrictive measures if Russia’s actions demand it,” reads the communiqué.

At the same time the leaders of the G7 in its communiqué “recognizes the importance of maintaining dialogue with Russia with the purpose of ensuring compliance with its commitments and norms of international law to achieve a comprehensive, sustainable and peaceful solution to the crisis”.