“I love to fly”: who will be Savchenko to the Ukrainian policy

Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko, pardoned on Wednesday by Russian President Vladimir Putin and transported to Kiev, gave a big press conference on Friday 27 may. This time she spoke not so much like a liberated prisoner and war hero, and now as a politician: the hall of the press conference was adorned with the logo of the party “Batkivshchyna” ex-Prime Minister and leader of the faction in the Ukrainian Parliament Yulia Tymoshenko. The Timoshenko at the event was not.

Savchenko was uttered one emotional speech at Kiev’s Boryspil airport after returning, and answered questions after a meeting with President Petro Poroshenko. On Thursday, the first full day of freedom, she missed the celebrations in the center of Kiev. “At 10am I was supposed to chat with the people on independence square to say goodbye to the dead soldiers of the battalion “Aydar”. But I overslept — the Consul of Ukraine, which was traveling in Russia, had to pick up gear for our guys, came all the way to 5 am,” said Savchenko edition of “News”. According to her friend, the night they Savchenko held a “girls’ get-togethers”.

If Ukraine asks

Speaking at a press conference, Savchenko for the first time spoke about his political plans. May 31, she intends to come to the meeting of the Verkhovna Rada and to remove hanging a poster with his image. She said she does not know what the Committee is going to work, but on the eve of the press service of “Batkivshchyna” (Savchenko was elected Deputy from the party), citing Deputy Ivan Krulko said that the pilot will be part of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning national security and defense. In the same Committee, according to the website of the Verkhovna Rada, it was listed as originally.

Savchenko said that he considers correct the creation of “a special Commission of some kind for the army”, which will deal with the monitoring of logistics in the army. She also intends to deal with the issues of prisoners and prisons.

“If you need me to be President — well, I’m President,” — said Savchenko to the question, what would she do if will be the head of state. “But I don’t quite yet believe that we have people learned to not vote for buckwheat,” — said Savchenko. “I won’t say what I want [to be President]. I love to fly. But if need be, I will do what is good for Ukraine…How much I can do for Ukraine, as long as I live, so I’ll do it,” she continued.

Savchenko spoke sharply about the relations with Russia and the future of military conflict in the South-East of Ukraine. “Give the names of politicians, but the war is not called, its essence does not change. This is a Russian-Ukrainian war”, — said Savchenko. “If there is war, the Crimea back. If no war, the Crimea will probably return with international law, to reach people that they made mistakes,” — said Savchenko.

If the party says

Savchenko is not an ordinary member of the “Fatherland”. The party has made it its symbol in the parliamentary elections in the fall of 2014 were already in Russia, Savchenko was the first number in the electoral list of the party. Previously this line was consistently occupied Tymoshenko. The deputies of the “Fatherland” one of the first involved in an international campaign for her release. Relatives Savchenko stressed the contribution of the party in a case tried in Russia for 22 years of Ukrainian servicemen, said including about the financial support.

The party leader met Savchenko in the airport “Borispol” with flowers and tried to hug the pilot, but Savchenko said that they were “close enough” and shook the hand of the same party.

According to Savchenko, she ran for Parliament from the “Fatherland” because of all the Ukrainian politicians, the separatists are particularly fond of Yulia Tymoshenko. “The separatists do not want Yulia Tymoshenko came to power”, — quotes its words “Mirror of week”. Tymoshenko at the meeting with Savchenko on 25 may said that it “Pleased will be different”, because her “they can’t be crafty, will not be able Ukraine to surrender.” “When I they will not be able to be there at all. With me there will be those who can”, — said Savchenko (quoted by “the observer”).

At a press conference on Friday, Savchenko thanked Tymoshenko for the fact that he took her to the party, when she was in prison. She underlined that does not intend to move to another party and faction will not work. “If I would have something not to make my colleagues, we will talk and we will change and we will learn together and fight together,” — said Savchenko.

If the world should

In 2014, members of Parliament chose to have her still by the delegate of the Ukrainian Parliament in the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. The President of PACE Pedro Agramunt Wednesday already expressed hope that Savchenko will be able to come at the June session of the Assembly in Strasbourg.

Earlier, Savchenko’s sister Vera said the President Poroshenko during the meeting with the pilot released on Wednesday, asked her to help Ukraine in the Minsk talks. Savchenko stated that have not decided on their plans. “Unfortunately, I still don’t know where I’m going. I haven’t heard, I will go to Minsk or will not go to Minsk. If need be, it will go”, — said the ex-inmate on the issue of the work. However, she said that they are ready to work everywhere, on all fronts”, to travel around the country and around the world to communicate with people. “If you have a neighbor with a rotten soul and a sick mind, need to unite to stop such neighbors,” — said Savchenko.

The Ukrainian politicians on-to a miscellaneous estimate prospects of political Savchenko. Former, until March of this year a member of Parliament and a member of the bloc of Petro Poroshenko, Ukrainian politician Mykola Tomenko notes that Savchenko its first statement on the Ukrainian land devoted to political issues, she is the Deputy and therefore it will carry on political activities. However, according to him, “there are problems”: now Savchenko at the peak of public confidence, but it was not a few cases when sport, music, military heroes are not adapted to the political environment and somewhere I lost its place.

“Not every hero can be a good politician, although the heroic character is important for a successful policy”, — said Ukrainian political analyst Vadim Karasev. In his opinion, to talk about the real and held the political arena Savchenko early. Although, it can be judged that it will strengthen the electoral “Batkivshchyna” and Tymoshenko. The party with the return of Savchenko will form the leadership tandem of the two women-heroin, says Karasev.

The future depends on the behavior of Tymoshenko and the ability to adapt Savchenko, either under the guidance of the leader of the party returning servicemen learn to compromise and become politicians, or at some time will strengthen the “Fatherland”, and then get lost in the parliamentary mass, as happened with dozens of heroes of the Maidan and the antiterrorist operation, lost in the wilds of professional parliamentary politicians, indicates Karasev.

According to a recent survey conducted by Fund “Democratic initiatives” name Ilka Kucheriva and Razumkov Centre from 11 to 16 may 2016, over 35% of Ukrainians support early parliamentary elections, and 12% are ready to vote for “Batkivshchyna”. In second place party “Self-help”, that are ready to vote to 10.6%, presidential Unit Petro Poroshenko ready to support of 9.9%. The first two parties consistently criticize the Minsk agreement. Savchenko on her return said “it is good that there are the Minsk agreements, it is very good that they will run, because we will do everything to ensure that they are implemented”.

About what are going to do returning on Wednesday Russia Aleksandr Erofeev and Evgeny Alexandrov, unknown. In a Thursday interview he Yerofeyev said that he intends first to spend time with family, and then engage in health.