Khodorkovsky’s lawyer has complained of Russia in the Council of Europe

The letter indicated that the Russian authorities hadn’t given Khodorkovsky €10 thousand, which the European court of human rights decided to pay him back in July 2013. Then, the ECHR upheld complaint of former head of Yukos of unjustified pre-trial detention and inhuman conditions of detention in jail. Glasson points out that the Russian side has constantly changed the reasons for refusing to transfer the money.

According to the lawyer, in March 2014 in Moscow claimed that he had not received a request from representatives of Khodorkovsky. In September 2014, the representative of the Russian government stated that it did not receive a certified copy of the power of attorney. When the document was delivered in November 2015, the office of the Commissioner of Russia to the ECHR in December said that “compensation” was set, but not committed in connection with the prohibitions imposed on 8 and 20 August 2014. As said the newspaper “Kommersant”, we are talking about the decisions of the Federal bailiff service in connection with the Executive manufacture about collecting from Khodorkovsky’s debt in the amount of 17,4 billion rubles.

Glasson said that the ban on the transfer payment for the first time in the entire conversation was only mentioned in the December document.

“It seems obvious that the Russian government is set to ignore the execution of judicial decisions”, — stressed the lawyer.

Lawyer Vadim Klyuvgant in comments to the newspaper “Kommersant” called the arguments of the authorities “above”. He stressed that the enforcement proceedings to recover the debt from Mikhail Khodorkovsky was brought before the ECHR decision. In addition, he pointed out that the compensation will not make the ex-head of Yukos, Khodorkovsky because was initially asked to transfer money to charities Podmoskovny Lyceum.