Manufacturer of “Miramistin” told about the RAID at the plant

That the plant of the company “Infamed” in Bagrationovsk Kaliningrad region will be examined, said the company sent to the media press release (is available on hand). “Over the past month, the company in Bagrationovsk has already visited the district Prosecutor’s office, and to build an apartment house for employees of the company in Kaliningrad came to test Gosarchstroynadzor,” — said in a press release.

As told by the President of group of companies Vitaly whistles-Kaliningrad, on the morning of may 27, the plant came five employees of regional management of economic safety and counteraction of corruption UMVD. They showed the decree to conduct the search. According to Svistova, the police have already inspected the office of Director of the company, the accounting Department, now we are getting acquainted with the documentation of the enterprise. However, he did not rule out the possibility that the documents will be withdrawn.

The company searches associated with one of the owners of the enterprise Andrey Gorokhov in the primaries “United Russia”, during which he entered into competition with the Vice-Governor Alexey Celanova. “I was asked to convince Gorokhova to withdraw from the primaries. In April, architectural supervision carried out the inspection of the construction of a house for our employees on a Shady alley in Kaliningrad, then the employees of a complaint carried out an inspection of the alleged slave-like working conditions in our company”, — said whistles.

The TV channel “Rain” whistles said that law enforcement agencies interested in the activities of “Oils” back in April, and on may 18 the factory the staff came to the district Prosecutor’s office, with the reason supposedly was the message of one of the workers about bad working conditions. When it whistles again noted that the reason could be political activity Gorokhova. “I have no doubt about that. Andrey was not “approved” by the candidate in deputies of the state Duma”, — said the whistles in the broadcast of “Rain”.

Official comments from law enforcement bodies did not arrive yet.

OOO “Infamed” — a Russian company engaged in production activities and wholesale distribution of original medicines Miramistin and Okomistin. As stated on the website of the company, the company is the exclusive manufacturer of the drugs. “Infamed” provides a full cycle: from the synthesis of active pharmaceutical substances to finished product. In 2014, the revenue of “Infamed” amounted to 32.5 million rubles.