Obama sent to Congress a report on “deterring enemies in space”

President Barack Obama gave the U.S. Congress the report prepared by different agencies, the “integrated policy to deter adversaries in space. It follows from the letter of Obama to congressmen, the text of which is published on the White house website.

“I was sent in accordance with article 1613 of the draft budget for fiscal year 2016 to the needs of national defence report and the classified Annex on integrated policy to deter adversaries in space,” informed in a letter to Obama.

He stressed that the report is “the result of interagency work, which aims to reduce the risks for the United States and its allies in space”. Also, as the words of Obama, the document aims to “protect and preserve the rights, access, opportunities and freedom of U.S. action in space.”

“The success will depend on years of efforts and efficiency of all ministries and departments. And I look forward to your continued support”, — he said to the congressmen.