Rogozin clarified the position about the impossibility to catch up with the US in the space industry

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said his words about the fact that Russia lags behind the United States in the space sector nine times. According to the politician, it is misquoted by the media, because he was not referring to the overall state of the industry, and the backlog is only one indicator — labour productivity.

“Wrong quote. I said that with our ambitious plans for the growth of labour productivity in the space industry we are Americans, which according to THIS INDICATOR are lagging behind in 9 times, never catch up. But this does not mean that we are in space far behind the rest. In some cases, for example, the aerospace engine manufacturing, we’re ahead of them”, — Rogozin wrote in his Facebook.

About this Rogozin wrote in his Twitter.

Rogozin issued a clarification a few hours after his speech at the Collegium of the Ministry of industry and trade. Deputy Prime Minister evaluated the situation in the space industry. Agency RIA Novosti quoted Rogozin so: “today, We in the space industry lag behind the Americans nine times. And all our ambitious projects suggests that we should improve this performance in half. Well let’s raise one and a half times, but still they never catch up”.

“And then we watch the news NASA or Elon musk and lick, to explain to myself why we do not need it — what they do”, — said Rogozin.

Vice Prime Minister also called for ways of improving the situation. According to him we need to facilitate the procedures of decision-making, reduce paperwork, and ensure that the check went through one window.

28 APR Rogozin has received a reprimand from President Vladimir Putin, the reason for which was the problem during start up of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1 a from Baikonur East. The missile, which was first on the spaceport, had to be postponed due to an outage. A severe reprimand was then received also by the head of state Corporation “Roscosmos Igor Komarov, the head of NPO Avtomatiki, Leonid Shalimov was issued about incomplete official compliance.