The DPRK was suspected of involvement in the theft of money from the Central Bank of Bangladesh

According to The New York Times, citing experts of company Symantec, there is overwhelming evidence that a series of hacker attacks on banks, which was stolen at least $81 million, was organized by one grouping. The code that was used by the thieves is very similar to the program used computer hackers in an attack on Sony Pictures in 2014, as well as South Korean banks and media companies in 2013. Then in attacks by suspected hackers associated with North Korea.

Attacks on Asian banks began last year. First, hackers attacked the Bank in the Philippines, then broke open the Tien Phong Bank in Vietnam, and in February of this year carried out the attack on the Central Bank of Bangladesh. In the latter case, they tried using a system Bank to transfer a billion dollars from the accounts of the Federal reserve Bank of new York. The transaction was aborted, however, the hackers managed to steal $81 million How much money was stolen through Vietnam and the Philippines, Symantec said.

In addition, the anxiety of financiers was the fact that the hackers gained access to international banking system Swift.

Eric Chien of Symantec said that if the attacks did indeed North Korea, it will be the first time that theft by means of hackers have engaged in exactly the state.

The attack on the Sony Pictures website in 2014 was due to the fact that this company released the film “Interview” in which he derided the political leadership of the DPRK and the leader of this country Kim Jong-UN. Cyber criminals then stole some documents and works, including the script of the new film about James bond.

USA in response to the actions of hackers has imposed additional sanctions against Pyongyang.