The legal successors of murdered Gyumri family demanded that Russia €450 thousand

The successors of the Avetisyan family, which was killed by Russian serviceman Valery Permyakov in Armenian town of Gyumri in January 2015, in the court on Friday prepared the civil suit on compensation of moral damage, reports the

A defendant in the suit named by the Russian Federation. Four of the plaintiffs — Anahit Costean, Lusine Avetisyan, and Narine Pogosyan, Andranik Poghosian — will require $50 thousand for each adult killed and $100 thousand for two dead children. Killed were seven people, so the amount of the claim will amount to €450 thousand

Lawyer Aramazd Kivirian, today representing the interests of the legal successors of the victims and voiced by a motion at a meeting of the court, noted the great difference in time between the detection of the fact of desertion Permyakova and transmit this information to the Armenian side.

In addition, the petition emphasized that according to the results of the examination, on the service abroad was sent, a person suffering from mental disabilities. Also the plaintiffs claim that the chiefs Permyakov knew about existing problems, however, gave him his gun. Thus, according to plaintiffs, the representatives of the Russian military base allowed a number of violations.

Kivirian noted that the fact of killing has been violated are enshrined in the UN Convention of the right to life (referring to article 3 of the universal Declaration of human rights adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1948), and Russia being a party to the Convention, acts as the defendant and liable for the actions of the representatives of the Russian base in Gyumri.

The judge stated that the claim, made in the Armenian language, must be translated and send to the address which will take some time. In the end, the trial was delayed until June 30.

The Avetisyan family was murdered in Gyumri on 12 January 2015 fugitive from service conscripts of the Russian military base Valery Permyakov. Six people, including two-year-old girl, died immediately. Another six-month-old child died from wounds a week later in the hospital.

Permyakov was detained on the day of the murder while trying to cross the border with Turkey. At the trial, which began in August, 2015, he pleaded guilty and repented. In April 2016 he explained his action thus: “there was noise, the children cried, the yard dogs were barking. Killed below the noise stopped”.

The murder case was handed over to the Armenian side. According to the results of the examination Permyakov was declared sane. Russian examination also confirmed his sanity.

A case of desertion and theft of weapons was considered by the Russian garrison military court, which sentenced Permyakov to ten years in strict regime colony.