Among the shareholders of the savings Bank became more foreigners

Despite the sanctions, among the shareholders of Sberbank increased the number of non-resident companies, said on Thursday to journalists the Deputy Chairman of Sberbank Bella Zlatkis at a press conference dedicated to the meeting of shareholders of the state Bank on may 27. According to her, almost the entire increase was in the U.S. investors. “Between emotions and real attitude of foreigners to Russian securities was the abyss. Investments are not determined by politics, and the ability to earn”, she said.

The Bank of Russia owns 50% plus one share of Sberbank, 45,6% of the shares belong to non-resident companies, whose share for the year from the moment of last meeting of shareholders of Sberbank increased by 2,33 p. p.

The share of companies from the United States is 33% of the total number of shareholders. The share of non-resident companies also increased among the holders of preference shares of the savings Bank from 56 to 68%. Russian companies, according to Zlatkis, has reduced its stake in the state Bank 1.5%, to 2.83%.

Deputy CEO Alexander Morozov said that the Bank sees the interest of investors from USA, Europe and Asia to buy its shares. “We anticipate that we will have to be further the process of diversification among U.S. holders, as among European and Asian,” said Morozov.

Morozov added that it expects a revision of the target price for Sberbank shares from the investment houses. “Any changes from the decline in the share of foreigners we do not see, they believe in this story”, — he said.

On Wednesday, the common shares of the savings Bank updated the historical maximum of its value, up to 127.5 RUB on the background of the report of the Bank for the first quarter under IFRS. Net profit of Sberbank in the first quarter of 2016 under IFRS grew by 3.84 times — up to 117.7 billion RUB compared to RUB 30.6 bn in the same period last year.