Moscow refused to agree on reducing gas prices for Belarus

The price of gas for Belarus will remain at that level, which determined the current contract, Russia has no plans to reduce it in the third quarter, said Minister of energy Alexander Novak.

“We have a contract valid for the whole year and is calculated according to the formula. Any agreements should not be here, because the price is determined by the supply of gas in accordance with a commercial contract”, — quotes the Minister RIA Novosti.

The head of Ministry also said that Moscow has no plans to sue on Belarus to the Stockholm court to settle the problems with payment of debts for Russian gas. “This is a commercial issue of “Gazprom”, — said Novak.

As previously mentioned , the Minister of energy of Belarus Vladimir Potupchik said that Minsk has not changed its position in the gas dispute. The details of the conflict informed the newspaper “Kommersant”. Belarus needs to reduce the price of Russian gas nearly doubled — from $132 to $73 per 1 thousand cubic meters.

The contract price for Belarusian consumers “Gazprom” ($132 per 1 thousand cubic meters) under the intergovernmental agreement from 2011 is calculated in dollars as the sum of the price of gas in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (about $36 at the exchange rate on 1 January), transportation to Belarus (about $90) and storage in UGSF in Russia (about $6). But Minsk wants to pay for “equal price” that counts as the cost of gas on the German market minus a cost of transportation on Polish ($9 for 1 thousand cubic metres) and Belarusian ($12 for 1 thousand cubic meters) sections of the gas pipeline Yamal — Europe, and also export duties (30%).

According to Belarusian officials, Moscow had to go on the “gas price” in 2015 in accordance with the intergovernmental agreement. However, the Russian side emphasizes that this transition is not a duty, but only the intention.

12 may New said that the debt of Belarus for delivered in four months, gas was $125 million “Figure is constantly changing, every day,” he said then.

In early may, belonging to “Gazprom” the Russian company “Gazprom transgaz Belarus” has addressed in Arbitration court of Belarus with a complaint of untimely or incomplete payment of gas, the Belarusian regional gas companies.