The Communists called on to equate electoral fraud to the coup

The Communist party on Saturday discussed the elections to the state Duma at the all-Russian Congress of Communist deputies and party supporters. In a statement released on behalf of the Congress, the participants proposed to consider preparing for the falsification of the election results as a coup, reports .

“The actions directed on falsification of the voting, organizing mass violations of the electoral legislation in the current situation should be seen as plotting a coup and a direct threat to the security of the country”, — reads the appeal of the Communists.

Appeal on behalf of the Congress to the members of election commissions, other parties, to law enforcement officers. In it the Communists said about “black provocative campaign” against them. As follows from the text of the appeal, the Communists have found “huge draws” fake Newspapers under the guise of the publications of the Communist party, party activists are under pressure, “there are cases of attacks, including the use of firearms”.

The head of fraction of the Communist party in the Ivanovo regional Duma Vladimir Klenov, speaking at the Congress, called for radical protests in Moscow after the elections. The Presidium of the Congress maple listened to the Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov, Ivan Melnikov and Vladimir Kashin and others. Maples — endorsed candidate from the Communist party in the elections to the state Duma on one-mandatory district in the Ivanovo region.

“We need to give the authorities a signal that we don’t want to wipe in the case when they will try to hold elections at home, not at the polls, if they try to use the administrative resource to rewrite the final protocols, will try again to steal our victory. If they do not want us to hear, we need to go to extreme measures, on 19 November to declare the action on the ground and rushes to the election commissions, and September 20, all to arrive to Moscow and there to carry out a powerful campaign and its maximum to radicalise, even if against us will use batons and tear gas,” Maples said in his speech.

According to maple, “continue to tolerate this thieves and criminal power created by the Putin regime, it is impossible, the courts cannot find the truth”. Hall met the statement with applause maple, the leaders of the Communists in the Presidium it did not comment.

The Communists also invited the representatives of authorities, members of political parties, to go on leave at all during election campaigns. Officials-Communists do, in particular the mayor of Novosibirsk Anatoly Lokot and the Governor of Irkutsk region Sergey Levchenko, said the Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Ivan Melnikov, answering the question .

However, the main theme of the election campaign of the Communists will be criticism of the government.

In his report to members of Congress, Zyuganov spoke out strongly against the policy pursued by the government. “The current policy of the government driving the country further and further into the wilds of criminal capitalism,” — said Zyuganov. However, as noted by journalists at a press conference at the Congress, in its report, Zyuganov criticized for the economic situation and domestic policy, only the government, but not President.

“Putin will soon have to choose: either he spends the state-Patriotic line in the country, both outside of, or foreign policy it will burst and fall apart, because without the support of a strong economy, educated population, modern science no strong policy to not be”, — said the criticism of Zyuganov.