The government announced the auction for the last major oil field

The Russian government gave permission to host the 2016 auction for the right to use Elginskom subsoil plots of Federal significance. The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, published on the website of the Cabinet (.pdf).

The starting fee for this site is 5.35 billion. the Government has also given the forecast for oil production in this area. We are talking about 10.7 million tonnes by category D1ะป, 18.9 million tons of category D1, as well as slightly over 1 million tons by category D2.

Aginskoe mine is located in Western Siberia, is the latest of the largest explored deposits on the mainland from those on which the license is located in the undistributed Fund.

As reported , the head of “Gazprom” and Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Gazprom” Alexey Miller has previously written a letter about the fate of Elginskogo field to President Vladimir Putin. He asked to instruct the government to include in the bidding documents for the sale of plot two requirements for a licensee. The first of these involves the processing of the extracted raw materials at the Russian factories for the production of fuel below the Euro-5. A second requirement is that the input field into operation not later than one year from the receipt of the license for its development. These conditions, wrote Miller, will allow “Gazprom oil” “to offer the most effective scheme of development of bowels”.

According to a source in Rosnedra, in addition to “Gazprom oil” Elginskom field interested in Rosneft and Independent oil and gas company (NNK). Interest to participate in the contest and did not rule out a source in “Surgutneftegaz”, noting that the company is preparing a feasibility study of a project designed to show, is it profitable to buy the asset.