Chief of staff trump made the nomination of a woman for Vice-President

The Chairman of the election campaign of billionaire Donald trump by Paul Manafort said that as a candidate for Vice President of the US Republican party may be nominated by the woman. He told about it to TV channel ABC News.

According to Manafort, the headquarters is considering several candidates, among whom there are women, and representatives of national minorities. “Mr. trump has said he wanted a Vice President who knows Washington, who can do business with Congress. <…> He said it is all about the candidate’s qualifications, not his gender or ethnicity,” said Manafort.

Earlier in an interview with the Huffington Post Manafort said that trump is unlikely to elect a woman partner or representative of ethnic minorities, because it will look like flirting with the voters. Leading ABC reminded him of those words.

Manafort explained that trump is not going to choose a mate in the presidential race just on the basis of sex or skin color. The main thing for him, said the head of the electoral headquarters, it is the qualification of the candidate.

“Among Republicans there are many qualified women, and some of them can get into the list of candidates”, — assured Manafort. However, he said that trump does not intend to announce his choice before the party Congress, to be held in Cleveland, Ohio, July 18-21.