In Kiev expressed the desire to take all Ukrainians from the prisons of the Crimea

First Deputy Minister of justice of Ukraine Natalia Sevastyanov said that the authorities are ready to take all the inmates in the prisons of the Crimean citizens of Ukraine, reports the website According to her, the Ukrainian authorities within two years negotiating with Russia on this issue.

“For two years we are negotiating with the Russian side, in every way trying to take away our prisoners. We were very surprised by the new Ombudsman of the Russian Federation that they are ready to transfer all the prisoners in the Crimea” — said Sevastiyanov.

The statement of the Commissioner for human rights in Russia Tatiana Moskalkova referenced Sevastyanov, was made on may 26. Moskalkova said that Ukraine does not take away their convicted citizens in Crimea, despite the fact that Russia has repeatedly offered her to do it.

“I want to appeal to the Commissioner for human rights of Ukraine concerning citizens of Ukraine, contained today in the Crimea, which today does not take birthplace. They committed crimes as citizens of Ukraine on the territory of Ukraine informed, and today there is no reason to keep them on the territory of another state, but such a reaction has not yet come”, she said then, adding that he considers it important to send them home.

On the same day Parliament Commissioner for human rights Valeria Lutkovska said Moskalkova, published an open letter. It said that all the proposals of the Ukrainian side on the transfer of prisoners or were “rejected by the predecessor of Mrs. Moskalkova, Ella Pamfilova,” or in response to them were offered the use of unacceptable norms of international law, the use of which would mean the recognition of Ukraine jurisdiction of Russia in the Crimea”.

“One of the last attempts to solve this problem was to request the Russian side, which we passed through the special representative of the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, however, such an option is left without implementation. I am now delighted to welcome the awareness of the representatives of the Russian Federation that contain citizens of Ukraine on the territory illegally occupied Crimea — is inhumane, while they have two years expressed a desire to be transferred to the mainland of Ukraine”, — said in the appeal Lutkovska.