Netanyahu thanked Putin for the return of captured in 1982 tank

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for the return to Jerusalem of the tank, captured during the battle near the village of Sultan Yakub during the First Lebanon war. This was reported on the visit of the Israeli Prime Minister in Facebook.

“I thank the President of Russia Vladimir Putin for responding to my request to return the Israeli tank captured in battle at Sultan Yaakub. The families of the disappeared of Zechariah Baumel, Zvi Feldman and Yehuda Katz for thirty four years not know the fate of their sons, don’t know where their graves are, — said Netanyahu. — This tank — the only evidence of the battle, and now he will return to Israel thanks to President Putin.

Question about the transfer tank, Netanyahu raised during the meeting with Putin, which took place in the Kremlin in April. Last week, he “got the message that President Putin accepted the request.”

The battle at Sultan Yaakub occurred in June 1982. The Syrian soldiers then managed to capture four Israeli tanks and three Israeli soldiers were missing. One of the tanks was handed over to the Russian army, he is in a Tank Museum in Moscow. The IDF delegation has arrived in the Russian capital and, together with representatives of the Ministry of defense “examines the ways prompt return of the tank to Israel”.