In the far East has proposed to introduce a negative rate on the mortgage

In the far East should impose zero or negative interest rates on mortgages, said a member of the Federation Council of the Jewish Autonomous region Rostislav Goldstein. “I believe that given the scale of the tasks set by the President in the framework of the strategy of priority development of the Far East, we need to talk about zero or even negative interest rate preferential mortgage far East”, — quotes the Senator, “RIA Novosti”.

According to Goldstein, this will encourage the construction of housing. In addition, preferential mortgages can help to support individual housing construction, he said. The Senator stressed that the initiative on the mortgage can be coordinated with free allocation of land in the far East, which will create a single system of development of macroregion.

As a partner of this program in the first place it is necessary to consider the banks with state participation, convinced Goldstein. “Then the mortgage is really a tool for solving public problems of territorial development, and will not lose its social function in favour of bankers for profit,” said he.

The law on the free distribution of land in the far East, President Vladimir Putin signed in early may. Every Russian will be able to obtain a plot size of one hectare, located in state or municipal ownership. He will be available for free use for five years, then it will be possible to arrange to rent or to own. The land can be withdrawn if it is not to be used. According to the document, purchase, sale and lease of the far Eastern hectare” is not allowed, if one of the parties is a foreigner, a stateless person or a legal entity in the Charter capital of which is their share or the share of foreign companies.

After the enactment of the law and presidential Plenipotentiary envoy to the far Eastern Federal district Yuri Trutnev said that recipients of land will be able to count on a preferential mortgage. At the rate it should be about 4% per annum, the corresponding agreement has been reached with the Agency on mortgage lending, he said.