In the United States determined third candidate to win the presidential election

Congress libertarian party has nominated for President of the United States former Governor of new Mexico Gary Johnson. During the voting he collected more than 55%, more than twice ahead of the nearest competitor, Fox News reports.

Candidate for the post of Vice-President members of the Congress chose the former Governor of Massachusetts William Weld, who until recently was a member of the Republican party of the United States, however, in a recent statement said that “every day is getting better libertarian”.

Politico notes that the weld will be necessary for the election campaign because he had experience of raising money for the candidate MITT Romney. As for the future Johnson, in the opinion of the authors of the publication, they will be able to win over the votes of Republicans, dissatisfied with the rigid rhetoric of Donald trump. Johnson during his campaign speeches has criticized the Republican candidate, calling his plans to tighten immigration policy “ordinary racism”. Weld in turn called the billionaire a “fascist.”

Trump in debt left. As reported by The New York Times, in one interview he said that he did not intend to say anything about the alcoholism of the Weld, and therefore does not intend to discuss stupid attributing fascist views. The publication indicates that trump is thus alluded to reports that weld, being a public person, repeatedly appeared in public in a drunken state.

Johnson’s last years was engaged in business. In particular, he was CEO of Cannabis Sativa from Nevada, which is engaged in the sale of medical marijuana in those States where permitted by law.