Kadyrov promised to help in front of him izmenivshego resident of Chechnya

The inhabitant of the Chechen village of Kenkhi Ramazan of Zalaldinov “found the strength and wisdom not to succumb to provocations on the part of those who tried to force him to leave his native Chechnya and to go to the West”, said in his Instagram the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. Thus he commented on the apology Jamaldinov, who previously complained about the situation in Chechnya, President Vladimir Putin.

“I from the first day it was clearly understood that some unhealthy forces are trying to use a resident of the village of Kenkhi Ramazan Zalaldinov in their dirty and very wrong purposes. They had taken psychological and information attack to intimidate him, to suggest that there is a real threat to his life and family security”, — wrote Kadyrov.

“Ramadan returns to the Kenkhi, where they live, relatives and people close to him. He, like other residents, will receive the necessary assistance and support. I repeat, he’s our man, native and inhabitant of our Republic. No one would ever show on him the care that would have in Chechnya,” — said the head of Chechnya.

Zalaldinov in his apology said that his appeal to Putin was a mistake. He’s going to return to Kyunghee and live there with his family.

In a video message to Putin of Zalaldinov complained about the delay of salaries of teachers in Chechnya and showed the destruction in his native village. Soon after it became known that the house burned down Zalaldinov. Media wrote that it was set on fire, however, Kadyrov has called these reports a lie — according to him, “Zalaldinov brought his family and faked arson of a dwelling”.

May 20 in front of Putin apologized to the villagers Zalaldinov. He called him an “ignorant person” who “lived his life contrary to the interests of their fellow villagers”.