Medvedev instructed to renew predamage to the end of 2017

Medvedev instructed to renew predamage to the end of 2017

Moscow. May 27. The response by Russia against countries that have introduced or joined sanctions against Moscow, will not be extended for a year, and by the end of 2017, to prepare the relevant documents instructed Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

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“Our producers have repeatedly advocated the preservation of the food embargo on agricultural products and agricultural products from countries that imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation or subsequently joined them. I want to say that I have instructed to prepare proposals for the extension of measures is not for a year, and by the end of 2017”, – said Medvedev at a meeting with members of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP).

He noted that he will prepare a letter to the President and forming the necessary decision the decision of the government.

“Therefore, those who are engaged in agricultural business, agricultural industry will receive and longer, the more distant the planning horizon of their investments, what they have repeatedly asked for. And large agricultural companies, and relatively small will have the opportunity to calculate how and what will happen in the longer term,” said Medvedev.

Western countries have lost from the Russian predamage 9.3 billion dollars, considered by experts of the analytical center under the government of Russia in its report. “Food embargo: results 2015”. Introduction in 2014, and the subsequent expansion of the food embargo followed the path coverage increasing number of countries and the list of sanctioned goods. The coverage of the first wave of the embargo was the most ambitious: her act fell, the volume of import to Russia of about 9.1 billion dollars. (2013). The extension of the embargo in 2015, Iceland, Albania, Montenegro and Liechtenstein have covered 241 million dollars (as of 2014).

Food embargoes acts of the Russian Federation on the seventh of August, 2014 in relation to products from the US, EU, Australia, Norway and Canada. In 2015 it was renewed for a fifth August 2016. August 13 2015 in the list of those countries included joined the anti-Russian sanctions Albania, Montenegro, Iceland, Liechtenstein, since January, 2016 – Ukraine.