PARNASSUS alone will make up the lists for elections after the failure of the primaries

The primaries of the democratic coalition did not take place, and the decision to form a joint list for the elections will be discussed in the party at the level of the governing bodies of the PARNAS, the head of the electoral Commission primaries, the Deputy Chairman of PARNASSUS Konstantin Merzlikin.

“The outcome of the primaries no. They can’t be summed up, — he explained. — But the vote was, and for some time we have received help information (12:00 Sunday), which provided for further consideration of the party — but not as any result”.

Later the results of the primaries could be laid down, because it became clear that the vote is not the correct character, and it was decided to stop it, said Merzlikin.

According to him, the leadership of the party in the near future to determine how to generate a list of the democratic coalition, that he “looked the most attractive to voters” and consisted of people who share the values of the democratic coalition. “To what extent will be considered the rating of the coalition members on the results of the numbers that have been published, probably, some results will be taken into account”, — said the Deputy Chairman of PARNAS, adding that it is his personal opinion.

Following the political Council PARNAS is roughly 17 June, it will be approved the draft list of candidates from the coalition, and on June 18, Congress will make the final decision.

In the night of Monday PARNASSUS on his official page in Facebook reported that as of 12:00 Sunday in the primaries was in the lead blogger Vladimir Maltsev, who received 5.4 million votes, the second place was taken by the historian Andrei Zubov, who received 1.6 million votes, third place was one of the founders of the “Party on 5 December” Konstantin Jankauskas with 1.3 million votes. Fourth place went to head of the Moscow branch of the unregistered Party of progress” Nikolay Lyaskin with 1 thousand votes, the fifth — nationalist Alexander Belov (Potkin) with 900 votes. A member of the PARNASSUS Natalia Pelevin took the sixth place.

After 12:00 on Sunday the procedure of the primaries, it was decided to suspend, as it became aware of unauthorized data collection of voters and the presence of groups of bots in the list of voters.