Putin spoke about the misinterpretation of the words of Medvedev on pensions

Putin spoke about the misinterpretation of the words of Medvedev on pensions

Moscow. May 28. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin commented on the resonant statement by the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev about pensions.

Putin said that the PM’s words could be taken out of context and misunderstood. “The government is committed to fulfil our social commitments. I can not exactly tell you. I have not seen that Dmitry Anatolyevich (Medvedev) spoke on this occasion. You can always or out of context as such to take some phrase, or to take from common conversation, too, according to all coincide, but in the spirit meaning can be something else to look”, – said Putin told reporters.

“If you look at the whole context of the conversation, I don’t know about that, but I know for sure that the government pays great attention to the fulfillment of social obligations,” Putin said.

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He noted that on this issue he regularly collects personally meeting with representatives of the social and economic block of the government.

Journalists met with the head of the Russian state late at night in Athens immediately after his talks with representatives of opposition party “New democracy”.

Earlier, Medvedev during his visit to the Crimea spoke with retirees, causing them suggested the lack of indexation of pensions this year.

The President said that the government was forced to look for different options to address the issues of social support. According to him, it is possible to index payments, is not consistent with the budget revenues or to try to suppress inflation.

According to him, this is a very difficult and delicate task, and many countries and economies face similar problems. As an example, he cited Greece, which is now visiting, whose authorities may 9 decided to reduce the level of pension provision.

Speaking of neighboring Ukraine, Putin drew attention that the inflation there is 48.7%, which is significantly more than in Russia, as well as lower pension payments.

“The average pension of us $ 200, in dollars, and in Ukraine $ 76. There is a difference? Yes, we have at least 4% indexed. In Ukraine, there is generally no indexing, plus raising the retirement age,” led to the comparison of Putin.

The head of state drew attention to the high tariffs in the Ukraine.

“The average increase in gas tariff by 3.3 times. This is the minimum. But generally the average is 6.6 times growth. Electricity – an increase of 70%, 60%, for hot water – 50 percent – again, 60% and freeze pensions at all. So everything is relative”, – stated Vladimir Putin.

The Russian leader has assured journalists that if funds are available the government will find a way to help people, especially with low income.

“And among them, of course, first and foremost, we will think about the seniors. So no doubt there can be that the government is addressing this issue”, – Putin said.