The democratic coalition said about the impossibility to establish results of the primaries

As stated in the official statement published in Facebook of the RPR-Parnassus, “it was impossible to establish the results of the primaries”. This is due to the fact that on Sunday, may 29, at about noon in open access was published as part of the personal information of the voter primaries. About the same time the Central election Commission recorded the presence of groups of bots in the list of voters, some of which were blocked.

The result of the Democratic coalition in the formation of the party list proposed to make a political decision on the basis of the numerical data of voting at 12:00.

As of Sunday noon, according to the CEC, in the primaries voted 7475 voters. Leaders in the number of votes became the Deputy of the Saratov regional Duma Vyacheslav Maltsev, doctor of history Andrei Zubov, the Deputy of the municipal capital district of zyuzino Konstantin Jankauskas, head of the Moscow branch of the unregistered Party of progress Nikolai Laskin and detention nationalist Alexander Potkin (Belov).

Earlier in the party acknowledged that the data of users who voted in the primaries, including passwords, was free for hacking. “Due to unauthorized access to the database was leaked. Urgently recommend to change the password in your mail and accounts in social networks,” — said in a statement on the website of the party.

The leader of the party Mikhail Kasyanov, in his Facebook said that “the attackers broke the code protecting access to the confidential information of the voting system” on the website of the “Wave of change”, which takes a vote. Kasyanov noted that “technology penetration level to the already encrypted data is very high.”

Commenting on the incident, Alexei Navalny apologized to those who at his call had registered as voters in the primaries. He called the incident a “disgrace, discredit, and sabotage”, calling upon the leaders of Parnas to resign.

In late April, supporters of opposition leaders Alexei Navalny and Vladimir Milov announced its withdrawal from the democratic coalition with the party PARNAS. They accused Kasyanov of disrupting the organization and financing of primary elections. The primaries themselves had to go through back in April, however, the terms of registration of candidates was extended due to the small number of people willing to participate in this event.