The European court will consider the complaint of the journalist

The European court of human rights has registered a complaint of the journalist Alexander Sokolov, said in a letter to the Registrar of the court of Vadim Paka (document is available).

As told Sokoloff’s lawyer Dmitry dinze, the court will consider the appeal of his client in the ordinary, and not in order of priority. This means that the decision can be made in two or three years. The parties will have the opportunity to provide supplements in the case, the Russian government will also have to answer questions that will indicate the Strasbourg according to the materials of the complaints, said Dinze.

In the complaint protection of the journalist drew attention to the violation of the 5th article of the European Convention for the protection of human rights “Right to liberty and security of person”. According to dinze, Sokolov was unlawfully remanded in custody: the defense believes such a measure is not relevant to the nature of the offense. Subsequently, the arrest was illegally extended, and the Moscow city court delayed the consideration of complaints lawyers.

In addition, the defence submits that there was a violation of 10 of article I of the Convention “Freedom of expression”. “The prosecution of Sokolov, in principle, the election in respect of his exceptional measure of restraint in form of arrest due to his journalistic work, that is it revenge for his anti-corruption investigation”, — explained earlier, the lawyer of the human rights group “Agora” Damir Gainutdinov, who prepared the text of the appeal to Strasbourg. If the ECHR satisfies the complaints Sokolov, he will be able to count on financial compensation.

Sokolov was arrested by the Khamovnichesky court of Moscow on 29 June 2015. He will remain in jail at least until June 21, 2016. With him involved in a criminal case under article “Organization of an extremist organization” (article 282.2 of the criminal code) were the former editor of the newspaper “Duel” Yury Mukhin and colleague Valery Parfenov last.

Later, Mukhin was placed under house arrest. At the beginning of November “memorial” recognized Sokolova, Mukhina and Parfenov political prisoners and demanded an end to the case against them.

According to investigators, the defendants under the guise of “initiative group for a referendum on the responsibility of power,” continued activities of a proscribed organisation “army of the will of the people” (AVN), which was recognized as extremist by the Moscow city court community in the fall of 2010. Renaming the organization, the defendants put in front of her former goals and objectives, namely “the creation of initiative groups for the referendum”, the true purpose of which was “the loosening of the political situation in the direction of instability and change existing power illegally”.

Sokolov pleaded not guilty and argues that the case against him was fabricated in connection with his professional activities. In addition, said Sokolov, “the initiative group” at the beginning of the investigation was not included in the list of banned organizations.

May 20 Sokolov appealed to the Commissioner for human rights, the head of Moskalkova with a request to check the actions of the prosecution on the rule of law. He indicated that he believes the prosecution is fabricated and infringe upon constitutional rights to freedom of speech and thought, independent journalism, and the participation of citizens in the referendum.