Gref described the system of public administration is a quote from Chernomyrdin

The head of Sberbank German Gref on Tuesday, may 31, again stated the need for a modern management model for Russia, and with their implementation we have to hurry, he said.

“We have today, unfortunately, this system is not very developed. Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin once said a great phrase — “wanted as better, and it turned out as always”. This is the best feature of our management system. The President sets goals, and a very proper purpose, then they modify the government in the form of some plans, then they fall to the objectives of the ministries, then go to the relevant departments and regions, and while it comes to performance, often, I’m afraid that the President himself does not know how they performed, and it has nothing to do with the tasks that he has formulated. Here is the problem,” — said the head of Sberbank the TV channel “Russia 24” (quoted by “Interfax”).

Control system, according to Gref, needs to be changed so that “between said and executed, there was no “gap”. “To strictly in accordance with the statement of the problem worked the entire government — from government to municipalities”, — he explained.

Gref in the same interview, said that does not consider otstavanie Russia in implementation of new management models hopeless. “I do not think that our country is hopelessly behind, I talked about the fact that we’ve seen in the last year or two in the world, how to change management models in companies and the state management model. There are very fast changes,” he explained.

About the major global trends which shape the “new reality” he also spoke may 27 at a meeting of shareholders of Sberbank. Earlier. Gref then named five major trends: the world is becoming digital, disruptive technologies supplant traditional manufacturing, there is a rise of geopolitical tensions, slowing growth in emerging markets and lower prices for raw materials and energy.

On the need for structural reforms, said the ex-Minister of finansov Alexei Kudrin. As it became known to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, during the meeting of the economic Council Presidium Alexei Kudrin has proposed to President Vladimir Putin “to reduce geopolitical tensions”. He justified it by the fact that Russia lags behind in technology and needs to be integrated into international production chain. Putin, in turn, in the concluding speech at the meeting recalled thousands of years of history and declared that the country will not trade sovereignty, let her somewhat behind. The newspaper’s sources said that he was in the same speech promised to protect the sovereignty of Russia until the end of his life.

Speaking at the “Russia 24”, Gref also geopolitical tensions linked to the ruble. He predicted a “significant” strengthening of the ruble in the stabilization of Ukraine.