Venediktov reported about the visit of the police on “Echo of Moscow”

The police came to the radio station “Echo of Moscow” in connection with a criminal case against opposition leader Alexei Navalny and intend to interrogate the editor-in-chief of the website of the radio station on the placement, said in his Twitter chief editor of “echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov.

“The police Department came to the Echo in connection with the criminal case against Navalny — want to interrogate chief editor of the website about the placement of his blog” — he wrote.

May 19 a former police officer Pavel Karpov is involved in the “Magnitsky list” — reported that the police instituted at his request criminal defamation case against Navalny.

The statement Karpov to the initiation of the case were four video Russian Untouchables (“the untouchables Russians”) who spread the head of the Fund Hermitage Capital, William Browder, Sergei Magnitsky was his lawyer). In 2015, the Meshchansky court of Moscow found the information shown on the videos, untrue. However, noted Karpov, Bulk continued to disseminate the articles depicting these rollers and the links to them on your website and on the website of “echo of Moscow”.