The leaders of PARNAS decided on the three candidates

Bureau of the party PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov on Tuesday evening has put forward recommendations about the leaders of the party list in the elections of the state Duma in September 2016. This was reported in his Facebook co-Chairman of PARNAS Ilya Yashin.

According to him, the party encouraged the Congress to form the top three Federal party of the leader of the party Kasyanov, a former Professor of MGIMO, who was fired after criticism of Russia’s foreign policy, Andrei Zubov, and co-chair of the St. Petersburg branch of the party Andrei Pivovarov. Brewers is charged with unlawful access to personal data after the election campaign in Kostroma in the summer of 2015. Probably, its inclusion in the election the top three will be a guarantee of his personal safety, suggested Yashin on Tuesday.

In addition, wrote Yashin, “was a recommendation not to include in election list the PARNASSUS Natalia Pelevin, where the majority of the members of the Bureau expressed political distrust.” “Her actions, according to the Bureau systematically applied to party political damage,” said Yashin. Pelevin appeared in the NTV film “Kasyanov day,” on April 1, which was shown her personal meetings with Kasyanov. After that Pelevin announced the suspension of membership in the political Council of the party. April 30, Yashin accused her of “sabotage, which was carried out from the inside”, which broke the prior intra-party voting.

The final decision on the composition of the electoral list PARNAS will take the Congress party, which presumably will take place on June 17-18.

The primary elections of the democratic coalition on the basis of PARNASSUS have failed, after the data of users who voted in the primaries PARNASSUS, including passwords, was free for hacking. The primaries of the democratic coalition were to determine the joint list of opposition candidates for the elections of the state Duma of 2016.

After the data leak, the Chairman of PARNASSUS Konstantin Merzlikin said that the leadership of the party independently generates a list of candidates for the parliamentary elections. Late Monday Kasyanov announced that PARNASSUS will partially take into account the results of the primaries when forming the list of candidates.

As of 12:00 Sunday in the primaries was in the lead blogger Vyacheslav Maltsev, who received 5.4 million votes, the second place was taken by the historian Andrei Zubov, who received 1.6 million votes, third place was one of the founders of the Party on December 5 Konstantin Jankauskas with 1.3 million votes. Fourth place went to head of the Moscow branch of the unregistered Party of progress Nikolai Laskin 1 thousand votes, the fifth — nationalist Alexander Belov (Potkin) with 900 votes.

Yashin also said Tuesday that several members of the party invited the Bureau of the party to make a recommendation to the Congress not to include in the list Maltsev “anti-Semitic statements”. However, the proposal received the required number of votes, said Yashin.