Exchange rate of dollars per hour fell more than the ruble

The value of the dollar on the Moscow stock exchange fell below 66 rubles. compared to the high of the day the dollar fell from 1.32 rubles, while the fall in the value of “green” was precipitous — from 67.17 to 65,85 RUB it fell in less than an hour.

During the same period the Euro has fallen by approximately 70 kopeks from 75.2 to 74.5 RUB RUB, eventually dropping below the yesterday’s closing level.

Trader FK “Opening” Sergey Fishgoyt connects the fall of the dollar against most other currencies with the publication of disappointing investors, macroeconomic statistics from the USA. “Probably, many concluded that the fed will not raise rates”, — said the expert.

A particularly sharp appreciation of the ruble, which is observed on the Moscow exchange, explains Fishgoit liquidation of positions by speculators who have bet on further growth of American currency. “Now market participants are in anticipation of the weekend tend to sell dollars,” — said the expert.

Chief expert of Center for economic forecasting of Gazprombank Yegor Susin says that the dollar is falling against the Euro for 1-4%. “This affects the strengthening of the ruble. The markets are revising their forecasts for the dollar, the U.S. currency sold off investors,” he said. According to experts, the Euro is unlikely to appreciate against the dollar above 1,15, however, even in this case, the value of the dollar may fall against the ruble by another 1-2%, to 64-64,5 RUB.

By 16:45 GMT the dollar on the Moscow stock exchange amounted to 65,96 Euro — 74,585 RUB.