The state Duma has refused to protect small businesses from competition with the Gups

The government’s initiative, which requires regions to coordinate the creation of Unitary enterprises with the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS), met a lack of understanding of regional authorities, which are mainly enjoyed the right to create the state unitary enterprise “and can say, sometimes it is abused,” said at the Committee meeting on Friday, its Chairman Anatoly Aksakov.

“There are examples when State-created regions, are inefficient, but nevertheless continue to live, creating competition for the private sector, receiving aid from the state and reach the state of bankruptcy,” — said Aksakov. But the obligation to negotiate the creation of new Unitary enterprises and municipal unitary enterprises with the FAS regional authorities considered the intrusion into the sphere of its authority, said Chairman of the Committee. The position of governors, according to Aksakov, “firmly” supports the Federation Council. The Committee had requested the FAS to negotiate with the administration of the President and the Federation Council, approval was given more than six months, but a compromise to find and failed, said Aksakov.

Control over the creation of new Unitary enterprises and municipal unitary enterprises is necessary, said the head of the legal Department of the FAS Artem Molchanov: since the beginning of 2013 the number of unitary enterprises increased more than twice: by the beginning of 2013 there were about 11 thousand, and by the beginning of 2016 — more than 23 thousand More than 30% of the Unitary enterprises and municipal unitary enterprises more than a quarter of working in competitive areas, renting real estate, trade and services, said the representative of the FAS. “And if you watch how these businesses are affecting competition, this is the barrier for the emergence of small businesses in these competitive sectors of the economy,” said the official. Without a mechanism of control over the creation of new unitary enterprises measures to support small and medium business “will be a half-hearted”, said the representative of the FAS.

Due to the rejection of the amendment on the approval of the new Unitary enterprises and municipal unitary enterprises FAS changed the attitude to the entire government bill, in which it was supposed to include, and does not support its adoption, said Molchanov. The government bill with amendments to the law on protection of competition, in particular, provides for the immunities from inspections of small and medium enterprises with an annual turnover of 400 million rubles, recalled Aksakov. The document was adopted in the first reading in September 2015, but due to the lack of agreement on the amendment of the Unitary second reading and adoption of the draft was frozen. The deletion of a controversial amendment to the deputies instructed the speaker of the state Duma Sergey Naryshkin, said Aksakov.

Before the plenary meeting at which the fate of the document will be finally resolved, the FAS still have a few days to negotiate the approval of the amendment by the Council of the Federation, said Aksakov. The government will also try to convince the deputies to adopt the disputed rule on the plenary meeting next week.