In Venezuela the products will be distributed through community councils

In Venezuela the products will be distributed through community councils

Moscow. June 9. The government of Venezuela has announced the purchase of several thousand tons of food that will be distributed to the needy through community councils, reports BBC.

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As said the Minister of food of the country, Rodolfo Marco, referring to the protesters in the capital Caracas, thus it is planned to allocate about 70% of purchased food. Pharmaceutical Federation of Venezuela notes the absence of 80% of the required drugs and medical devices.

Opposition politicians have expressed concern that loyal to the authorities of councils can discriminate against opposition supporters.

The economic crisis in Venezuela in recent years has led to shortages of food and drinks, a shortage of basic necessities – in particular, toilet paper, giant queues, and looting.

The opposition in Venezuela argues that the policy of President Nicolas Maduro and his predecessor Hugo Chavez led to the economic crisis, which has worsened due to low oil prices. According to the International monetary Fund, inflation in Venezuela this year will reach 720%.

However, Maduro accuses the business elite of the country in the boycott of the economy to achieve political goals.

Against this background, regularly clashes protesting against economic policy of the state with the police.