Russian hacker accused of hacking into the networks of the headquarters of the Democratic party

Hackers associated with the Russian government, have infiltrated the computer network of the national Committee of the US Democratic party and gained access to the database collected for the study on the candidate in presidents from Republicans Donald Trump, according to The Washington Post, citing sources in the Committee and experts on computer security.

The sources said that the hackers also got the got the opportunity to read the e-mails and instant messengers used by the Committee members.

To resolve the problem company was invited to CrowdStrike. Its co-founder and CTO Dmitri Alperovich told The Washington Post that it was possible to identify two groups that infiltrated the network of the Committee, and which the company called Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear.

According to Alperovich, Cozy Bear has gained access to the computer system of the Committee last summer and followed by email and instant messengers. Fancy Bear, according to him, networks have been hacked in April to get access to the research on trump.

According to Alperovich, the two groups are not related to each other. He said he Fancy Bear works for the GRU and Cozy Bear are probably on the FSB, but CrowdStrike not so sure.

The Democratic Committee said to The Washington Post that the financial information was not compromised, and no one tried to get access to personal data or the information about the party sponsors.

The newspaper reminds, citing sources in the American government that the Russian spies tried to penetrate the computer networks of election headquarters trump and Hillary Clinton, as well as in organizations associated with the Republican party. The sources did not provide details about these incidents.

According to Alperovich, both of the group, which CrowdStrike followed two years previously infiltrated the systems of government agencies, technology companies, contractors, defense, energy and industrial companies as well as universities in USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. He noted that the Cozy Bear, for example, in 2014, has compromised the unclassified email service in the White house, the state Department and the Committee of the joint chiefs of staff.

Trend Micro last fall identified the group as Fancy Bear also called APT28 and Pawn Storm in the community of cyberexperts and represents a loose Confederation of best Russian hackers. APT28 was mentioned in connection with break-ins of computer networks of the Warsaw stock exchange and The New York Times. It was also suspected of preparing attacks on banks.

The representative of the Russian Embassy told The Washington Post that he was unaware of the penetration of computers the headquarters of the Democrats. Campaign headquarters for Clinton did not respond to a request for publication for comment by the time of publication of the material. The representative of the electoral headquarters of the trump forwarded questions from American journalists to the Secret service of the United States, engaged in protection of the first persons of the state.