The most difficult situation with the availability of the CTP has developed in the southern Federal district

The most difficult situation with the availability of the CTP has developed in the southern Federal district

Moscow. June 14. The measures taken recently by the Bank of Russia to address the question about the availability of services of compulsory car insurance (CTP), brought certain results, said the Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina, answering questions of deputies in a speech in the state Duma on Tuesday.

“Indeed, one of the most difficult situation in the southern Federal district”, – she said.

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The Chairman CBR said that in the CTP segment has been created a system of mutual cross-representation of insurance companies, which allowed to expand the sale of insurance policies. As a result, the share of large insurers has increased since the first of June (the date of introduction of the system of Agency sales) – present from one percent to seven percent in the volume of sales of such policies.

The problems of insurance are the focus of the Central Bank, said Nabiullina. “We are closely watching and monitoring the situation,” she added.

The head of the Central Bank also said that another problem in the CTP segment was the imposition of additional voluntary services at the conclusion of the contract CTP. “The Bank of Russia issued an instruction according to which the citizen has the opportunity to refuse the imposed services within five days, thus, introduces a “cooling period”, she said.

Nabiullina connects hope with the normalization of the situation in the segment with the introduction of mandatory procedure for electronic sales of insurance policies at the request of the client. “So far issued about 200 thousand electronic policies”, she said.

Against violators of the Bank of Russia is ready to take tough enough measures. “Last year, the Bank of Russia has revoked dozens of licenses. Since the beginning of the current year was withdrawn 35 licenses of insurers,” – said the Chairman of the Central Bank.

In turn, the President of the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) Igor Yurgens said that since June, the system agent sales of insurance policies on the affected territories under the auspices of the RSA acts in a voluntary regime. Since the first of July 2016, such sale will be mandatory, and all members of the CWA will begin to sell insurance policies in the territories because of the loss called “toxic regions”. “From now on, we expect that the situation with queues at the conclusion of contracts OSAGO will change dramatically in the troubled regions. Primarily with difficulties at the conclusion of the insurance contract, you face the owners of the Krasnodar territory, Rostov and Volgograd regions. In the territories of active avtoyuristy, earning the insurers,” said Jurgens.