Poland deliberately delayed the resolution on the construction of “Nord stream 2”

Poland deliberately delayed the resolution on the construction of “Nord stream 2”

Moscow. June 23. Nord stream 2″ will increase the possibility of reverse gas supplies to Poland, a country it does not permit to its detriment, said at the briefing Deputy Chairman of the Board “Gazprom” Alexander Medvedev.

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“We are faced with the fact that the Polish competition authority draws the decision (with the permission of the “Nord stream 2″), directing new requests that are not related to the essence of the case,” he said.

With that, he added, “Nord stream 2” creates the possibility of reverse supplies to Poland, and they will grow, they are now through the “Nord stream 1”.

“Moreover we to support a position, we proposed to the Polish colleagues, without waiting for the expiration of the previous contract to sign a new contract for the transit already in 20-25 years, but the answer have not received”, – he said, noting that he sees the desire to hurt yourself and annoy Europe”.

Medvedev said that the current contract for gas transit through Poland is 30 billion cubic meters of gas a year, Gazprom has offered to extend it on the same volume. However, he said, in current conditions it is impossible to extend it because the law in Europe has changed.

Last year Gazprom, BASF, E. ON, Shell, and OMV signed the shareholders agreement on creation of the gas pipeline “Nord stream 2 with a capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year from Russia to Germany under the Baltic sea. The project is implemented by the project company Nord Stream AG, 2. After the closing of acquisitions by foreign shareholders of shares in Nord Stream AG 2 share in the project will be distributed as follows: Gazprom – 50%, BASF, ENGIE, OMV, Shell, Uniper, a 100% subsidiary of E. ON) – 10%. Consent of the Antimonopoly regulator of Germany to the redemption of the foreign partners has already been received.

In April, OMV head Rainer Seele in response to the question of when the company will be able to buy a stake in the new venture, said: “We expect that during the summer. I wish it was yesterday, because I want to work on Nord Stream 2”.