Theresa may remains the only candidate for the post of Prime Minister of Britain

The head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of great Britain Theresa may remains today the only candidate for the post of the British Prime Minister, after her opponent, Andrea Leeds took the decision to leave the race, according to The Guardan.

“In the interests of our country as soon as possible to get a new Prime Minister with strong leadership qualities, said Leeds. — I wish Theresa may is just the best.” Leeds also noted that with the support of only about 25% of the deputies of his faction, she will not be able to form a strong government.

As a Junior energy Minister (in fact, Deputy Minister), Leeds in the second round of elections within the parliamentary faction of the conservatives remained the only opponent may and the only representative of the camp of skeptics — supporters of a British exit from the EU.

The election of a new leader of the Conservative party of great Britain, which, thanks to the parliamentary majority of the conservatives will automatically become the new Prime Minister, started after the current Prime Minister David Cameron announced his intention to resign after the results of the referendum on leaving the EU.

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According to the procedure for the election of the party leader, the election Commission (so-called 1922 Committee) must soon make the decision to say whether may the new leader of the conservatives, or choose her opponent for voting of party members. According to the correspondent bi-Bi-si Norman Smith, Cameron does not exclude the possibility of the transfer of power may in the near future.

After the statement by Leeds United head “of the 1922 Committee Graham Brady said that Mei really”, was the only candidate”. Re-start the voting process it, the Commission does not intend, and hence may, probably, will be soon the new leader of the conservatives and Prime Minister of great Britain.

One of the opponents may, who has won the proper number of votes in the second round of intra-faction vote, justice Minister Michael Gove noted the courage of Leeds, with whom she admitted defeat, and called as soon as possible ” to ensure the transfer of power Theresa may.

The reason, which prompted Leeds to abandon the struggle for the Premiership, according to the newspaper The Telegraph, is considered to be a controversial interview, published in Saturday’s issue of The Times. It Leeds says that she, having three children, will be the best leader of the nation, than childless may.

In anticipation of the press conference Leeds, the British pound has grown significantly the U.S. dollar. Literally half an hour it has risen from $1,287 to $1,298.