FAS has demanded from “Gazprom” to eliminate violations in procurement of 12 billion rubles

FAS has demanded from “Gazprom” to eliminate violations in procurement of 12 billion rubles

Moscow. July 14. The Commission of the FAS Russia issued a decision on the complaint of the activist of the popular front for the violation of OJSC “Gazprom” in the procurement of pipes steel electric-welded large diameter amounting to almost 12 billion rubles.

As stated in the message controller, the Antimonopoly service established that the tender participants presented a number of redundant requirements, which can lead to restriction of competition.

For example, applicants must provide proof of dealer relationships with the manufacturers, as well as information about the attracted subcontractors at the stage of submission of applications for participation in the auction.

“According to FAS Russia, the client thus creates the conditions for collusion and limit competition. In addition, to determine what documents you must submit as part of the application, the application was allowed at the auction of the procurement documentation is not clear. For example, it is not clear exactly how a procurement participant must confirm their compliance with such requirements as: “satisfactory financial position” or “requirements established in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation to persons engaged in the supply of goods, performance of works, rendering of services which are the subject of this e-auction,” writes the regulator.

The Federal Antimonopoly service believes that such vague requirements in the documentation about purchase reduce competition in the auction and, consequently, overstatement of procurement prices. By results of appeal consideration the Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia ordered Gazprom” to eliminate violations is to amend the procurement documents, extend the deadline and continue with the purchase.

Most likely, we are talking about the purchase of biodiesel fuel on 11,913 billion rubles. Bidding for this purchase is scheduled to be held on the third of August, and to sum up the results within 5. While the terms of the auction did not move.