Arrested General RCDS Bastrykin asked to take his case to the FSB

Deputy head of capital GSU major-General Denis Nikandrov sent from the remand prison “Lefortovo”, where it is contained, a letter to the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) Alexander Bastrykin. managed to read the text of the letter. Its contents also confirmed a source familiar with the investigation.

Nikandrov, as well as the head of the security service Mikhail Maksimenko and his Deputy Alexander Limonov accused of receiving a bribe in especially large size. According to a source familiar with the investigation, for the money they promised to change the measure of restraint friends reputable entrepreneur Shakro Young — Andrew Kochunov and Eduard Romanov. At the time of their arrest all the three accused had not pleaded guilty.

“Our business is a result of the conflict of the individual representatives of the Department “M” FSB and CSS (the Department of internal security) of the TFR,” writes Nikandrov. The reason, according to the General, was the fact that the head of the security service, Mikhail Maksimenko, who is also a defendant in a corruption case, “did not go on about appointments to bodies UK.

Now, I’m sure Nikandrov, there is a conflict of interest between intelligence agencies.

“I believe that [my] case should be investigated by the Investigative Committee,” writes Nikandrov. — You understand, and if we are to blame — punish”. He insists that “the investigation into SU FSB will not be objective.”

“I am 16 years faithfully served the prosecution, then the Investigation Committee, the investigated high-profile cases,” writes Nikandrov. He investigated the “gambling business” in Moscow, reminds the accused.

The letter also Nikandrov insists that the investigators who conducted business Romanova and Kochanova, did not violate the law when first retrained actions accused on article 330 of the Criminal code (arbitrariness), and then did not come up with a petition for extension of his remand.

Novels and Kochunov are accused of extortion of 8 million RUB, the mistress of the Elements on Rochdelskaya street Jeanne Kim. In December 2015 the showdown between them and the lawyer of businesswoman ended in gunfire and two deaths. Murder charges brought against lawyer Kim Edward Budanceva.