Clinton accused Russian special services of hacking into the servers of the democratic party USA

A candidate for the U.S. presidency from the Democrats Hillary Clinton said that the computers of the National Committee of the Democratic party (DNC) hacked by Russian security services, reports Reuters. She also accused her opponent from the Republican party, Donald trump’s show of support for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We know that the Russian intelligence services have hacked the DNC, and we know that they arranged the leak of a large number of letters, and we know that Donald trump has shown a very disturbing willingness to support Putin”, — quotes Agency the words of Clinton in an interview with Fox News Sunday.

Officially, the White house has not accused Russia of involvement in a cyber attack, U.S. intelligence is now trying to find out who leaked the letters to the leadership of the democratic party, which caused a resonant scandal.

The head of the CIA John Brennan in his speech at the security forum in aspen, wrote The New York Times, “carefully chosen words to avoid a direct mention of Russia.” He stressed that when will be determined responsible for the break-ins at high levels of government will discuss “the proper course of action that will be taken.” “It is obvious that intervention in the US electoral process is very, very serious subject,” he said.

Sources of ABC News who held positions in the US intelligence services, said that the national security Agency is already working in respect of two associated with the Russian government hacking groups. The goal is to determine whether they are responsible for the attacks on the structures associated with the Democratic party of the United States.

Over the past few days has received reports of three attacks on the network of the Democrats. The first was the publication on 22 July of thousands of letters to the leadership of the democratic party on the portal WikiLeaks. After publication, the head of the National Committee of the US Democrats Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced that he will resign, since the publication of evidence of the conspiracy in the party to prevent the election campaign of the former candidate in US presidents Bernie Sanders in favor of promoting Hillary Clinton.

In June 2016, the experts on computer security said the break-in at the network headquarters Democrats groups allegedly linked to Russia. To solve the problem involved in the company CrowdStrike. Her representatives said that we are talking about joins and Cozy Bear Fancy Bear. And experts pointed to a possible link of hackers from the Russian FSB and GRU.

July 4, campaign Manager, Hillary Clinton, Robby Mook told ABC television that the leaked documents were allowed “the Russians to help Donald Trump”. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called these allegations absurd, and said the “manic attempts to” use Moscow for the American elections.

During the second attack, the hackers broke into the network of the Committee of the Democratic party in the congressional election, then it was reported that the cyber attack can be the Russian hackers.

Reports of recent penetration into the network of Democrats came in the night of Saturday, July 30. This time hackers broke into the computer network of the election headquarters of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.