Clinton was suspected of helping the Russian defense industry through the “SKOLKOVO”

The state Department under Clinton “facilitated the influx of billions of dollars to build a Russian “Silicon valley” of innovative developments which equipment radar observations and hypersonic engines of cruise missiles”. This column in The Wall Street Journal says the President of the American Institute for government accountability (Government Accountability Institute GAI) Peter Schweizer.

Column Schweitzer came out simultaneously with the GAI report, titled ” From Russia with Money (“From Russia with money”). The report indicates that the activity of “SKOLKOVO” was the fear of some American military experts. In particular, given the findings of a study conducted in 2012 in the framework of the foreign military studies U.S. army. According to them, the “SKOLKOVO” should serve as a “mechanism for obtaining Russia technologies from around the world in the field of Biomedicine, energy, aerospace, satellite and nuclear technologies.” The report also stated that SKOLKOVO was in 2011 involved in activities related to defence. In addition, GAI points out that in 2014 the FBI has sent to the Boston company and Massachusetts Institute of technology a letter regarding the “SKOLKOVO”. In it, the FBI warned the company that in cooperation with “SKOLKOVO” they may inadvertently be involved in industrial espionage.

The report also alleges that 17 companies from 28 key partners of the innovation center “SKOLKOVO” was in any way involved with a family charity Fund of the Clintons, or paid performances wife Clinton, former US President bill Clinton. Personally, while Clinton and her US state Department, as stated in the report, was directly involved in attracting investors in SKOLKOVO.

As pointed out by GAI, the state Department helped the Russian government structures to access capital in the United States. In particular, the foreign Ministry, the US helped the company “Rosnano” to seek investors in the U.S. and organized meetings of representatives of the Russian company with representatives of American high-tech businesses.

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Among the companies, which have invested in SKOLKOVO, and supporting the Clinton Foundation, were such giants as Cisco, Intel and Google. GAI calls and Russian companies that were associated with SKOLKOVO, and with the Clinton Foundation. In particular, group of companies, President of the Foundation “SKOLKOVO” Viktor Vekselberg “Renova” was a donor to Clinton Foundation (“Renova” donated to NGOs from $10 thousand to $25 thousand).

Another man who was connected with “SKOLKOVO” and donated money to the Clinton Foundation, GAI calls former Senator Andrey Vavilov, the head of the company-resident of nuclear technologies cluster of “SKOLKOVO” OKS”. Vavilov has donated to the Clinton Foundation from $10 thousand to $25 thousand Money in charitable Clinton Foundation, translated as nine shareholders of Uranium One, which in 2010, with the permission of the state Department was bought by a subsidiary of Rosatom, Atomredmetzoloto”. In total, the shareholders of Uranium One donated $145 million.

In this election campaign: Russian theme appears quite often in the speeches of the candidates. In particular, 31 Jul Clinton said the cyber attack on the computers of the US Democratic party, which part of the correspondence of party functionaries was published, was organized by the Russian special services. In addition, Clinton said that her rival, Republican candidate Donald trump “shows a disturbing willingness to support Putin.” Trump in his campaign, made a number of statements that could be interpreted as Pro-Russian: in particular, he spoke about readiness to consider the question of the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions and the recognition of the Crimea Russia. In the end, Trump in an interview on 31 July had to emphasize that he had no relations with Putin.”