In Syria shot down a Russian helicopter

As stated in the statement of the press service of the defense Ministry of Russia, Russian military helicopter Mi-8 was shot down Monday, August 1, in the Syrian province of Idlib. On Board were three crew members and two officers of the Russian center for reconciliation. Their fate is unknown.

The report States that the helicopter crashed “the shelling from the ground”, when he returned to the base Hamim “after the delivery of humanitarian aid in Aleppo city” (quoted by “RIA Novosti”). Last week Russia announced the start of humanitarian operations in Aleppo, opening the three corridor for civilians and another for those who will leave the city with arms.

The fate of Russian soldiers it turns out through all available channels, says the report of the Ministry of defense.

In the images, which are spread by users of social networks, showing the body of a dead man and Russian documents, allegedly taken in the helicopter, writes Reuters.

Earlier on Monday Reuters, citing a U.K.-based Syrian monitoring centre for human rights reported that in the province of Idlib was hit by the helicopter. The identity of the aircraft, the defenders were not able to clarify. In this edition of Orient News, which Reuters calls the opposition reported that rebels shot down a Syrian helicopter and its pilot was captured.

During the Syrian operations group of the Russian aerospace defence forces lost a su-24 shot down a Turkish fighter jet, helicopter Mi-8, wrecked Turcoman group in the course of a rescue, and the Mi-28 that crashed due to an error of the crew. American intelligence-analytical company Stratfor was also published in may pictures of four burnt-out Mi-24 helicopters, presumably belonging to the Russian army. The defense Ministry denied this information.

During a military operation in Syria, which began on September 30, 2015, killed 14 Russian servicemen. About the latest victim, the military Department reported July 22. Then in the province of Aleppo killed a soldier Nikita Shevchenko, escorting a convoy of vehicles with food for local residents. Next to the car where he was, exploded an improvised explosive device.

The Russian coordination center for reconciliation of the conflicting parties in Syria began work on the base Hamim in February of this year. Its tasks include facilitating the negotiation process of reconciliation between the Syrian authorities and the opposition, with the exception of organizations recognized by the UN security Council as terrorist.