“Izvestiya” reported on Russia’s plans to freeze foreign assets of Ukraine

“Izvestiya” reported on Russia’s plans to freeze foreign assets of Ukraine

Moscow. July 29. Russia will continue to insist on payment of Ukraine’s debt to Russia to $3 billion, write “news”, citing a source close to the presidential administration. In particular, in the case of non-payment of Ukraine’s debt to Moscow through court will achieve the freezing of foreign assets of Kiev in payment.

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“It is the freezing of assets is a usual development of events in this case. Was at one time the firm Noga, a private organization, led by not very respectable people, but nevertheless it is more than 10 years and shook the nerves of Russia (we are talking about a Swiss company that has achieved arrest of accounts of the Russian Federation on account of the debt). In this case we are talking about the state, member of the “twenty”, which surely stands on the feet and has a volume much greater than the small firm. If Russia is seriously working on this issue, the Ukrainian authorities will have to spend a lot of time to react. They would be better still to pay off, – has told “news” the head of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots Leonid Slutsky.

In his opinion, Ukraine should not hope that the problem will “resolve itself”.

“The international monetary and financial organization of Kiev is not safe, but no threatening statements addressed to the Ukraine do not. So we will have to face the “Italian strike”, when all will politely reply: “Yes, of course, will consider, but will not work”, – said the Deputy.

According to the MP, the loans were issued correctly, as the country’s public debt, not debt of legal entities”, which means that history will be prolonged.

“No one will the debt just be written off. We have the cases when in 20-30 years some options are. In our Committee we regularly review the write-off, repayment, restructuring those debts that were designed back in the Soviet Union. We, as successors of the Soviet Union has the right to do it. And here’s the real state of the Russian Federation and Ukraine. What you can do is to negotiate at the international level and to find compromise solutions”, – said Leonid Slutsky.

As told “Izvestia” lawyer “Vysotsky and partners” Osip Vysotsky, freezing of foreign accounts at the request of the plaintiff is possible.

“On account of debt, it is possible to freeze assets belonging to the state. There are no obstacles – this is an interim measure. Freezing assets means the discontinuance of the money, and in this case it will measure the pressure,” said Osip Vysotsky.