Putin has reduced the number of employees of territorial bodies of the Ministry of emergency situations

The number of employees of territorial bodies of EMERCOM of Russia was reduced to 20.3 thousand people. This is stated in the presidential decree published on the official portal of legal information.

Prior to that, the maximum number of employees of regional bodies of the Ministry amounted to 26.3 thousand people.

In addition, the decree sets the maximum total number of staff of EMERCOM of more than 288,5 thousand. “In order to further improve the activities of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for civil defense, emergencies and elimination of consequences of natural disasters decree: to set the maximum number of staff (MES) in the amount of 288 565 units,” — stated in the decree.

The document States that the military personnel of rescue military formations identified more than 7.2 thousand.

The number of personnel of the Federal fire service will be, according to the decree, 251,3 thousand people, among them — 141,3 thousand persons of ordinary and commanding compositions, as well as 109,9 thousand persons having special and military ranks, including 29.9 thousand workers contractual Federal fire service units.

Civilian personnel will exceed 30 thousand people, of which persons of the civil personnel of rescue military units — more than 14.6 thousand

The Russian government requested to bring their acts in compliance with this decree.