Reuters spoke about the concern of EU diplomats due to the “Turkish stream”

Made last week by the statements of Russia and Turkey on the resumption of the project “Turkish stream” has alarmed EU diplomats, who see this as a strengthening of Moscow, writes Reuters. However, analysts said the Agency believe that the project has more rhetorical than real.

In particular, according to Reuters, the EU feared that the Turkish stream will bypass Ukraine, a country through which produced gas transit to Europe. “Friendship between Turkey and Russia can become a problem if Russia tries to change Ukraine to Turkey. For Turkey to get cheap gas from Russia makes sense, but it is likely to be a problem for us,” said a senior source from the EU.

However, the Alliance between the two countries remains fragile, analysts said polled by Reuters, particularly in connection with the failed rebellion in Turkey. “In times of instability if you’re in your right mind, you do not undertake huge infrastructure projects,” — says, in particular, energy specialist based in Brussels analytical center “Bruegel” Simon Tagliapietra.

In his opinion, Moscow and Ankara are more “political signals, rather than the realization of designs into reality.”

The expert from the Oxford Institute for energy studies Katja Yafimava, in turn, noted that he did not believe that “Russia wants to replace the problematic relations with Ukraine are problematic relations with Turkey.” In addition, Turkey, Reuters reports, and she is concerned about possible dependence on Russian gas.

According to the Agency, EU officials will cautiously monitor the meeting of the presidents of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which is scheduled for August 9.

Minister of energy Alexander Novak on Friday, July 29, in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24” stated that Russia and Turkey are discussing construction of two branches of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream”. “Turkey is interested in the gas flowing directly, bypassing other transit countries, and within that in the “Turkish stream” is provided by one thread, at least for Turkish consumers. Line — 15.75 billion cubic meters of gas. In General, we are now talking about the construction of two threads. The second line is for European consumers, South-Western consumers of the European countries, which can also be laid under the Black sea and through Turkish territory,” — said Novak (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

On July 26, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich after negotiations in Moscow with his Turkish counterpart Mehmet Sisecam said that Turkey confirmed its willingness to resume dialogue with Russia on the construction of “Turkish stream.”

A few hours later in the day a statement about the “Turkish stream” was made by “Gazprom”. The Chairman of the monopoly Alexander Medvedev said that the Turkish authorities have confirmed interest in the project and that the timing of its implementation will be discussed by Putin and Erdogan at a meeting on 9 August.

Gazprom and Turkish Botas signed a Memorandum on the construction of “Turkish stream” in December 2014, after the EU blocked South stream. The project of Moscow and Ankara have been frozen in 2015 on the background of the conflict due to Turkish military shot down a Russian su-24 bomber.