The armed invaders of the police building in Yerevan, has surrendered to authorities

The national security service of Armenia reported that the group seized a police building in Yerevan, surrendered in full force, anti-terrorist operation in Yerevan is completed. “Special forces of law enforcement agencies for its consistent and concerted action forced members of the armed group to lay down arms and surrender to the authorities. Arrested 20 terrorists. The area of the regiment PPP fully released”, — quotes the statement of the national security Service (NSS) of Armenia, “Interfax”.

Earlier, one of the members of the group expressed readiness to surrender and to remain in the status of prisoners of war”. Statement to the editor of “First Armenian informational” reported a member of the “Sasna tsrer” Varuzhan Avetisyan.

“Revolutionaries are in prison after emerge victorious. It is also one of the ways of struggle. We love you, Armenian people, there’s nothing that can separate, we don’t want bloodshed, we are unable to raise the weapons on the soldiers who obey orders, even if this order is incorrect, and let this struggle, our sacrifice will nourish the root that will sprout a new struggle,” — said in a statement.

“We have two options: the first is to engage with the police and staff from other services, shedding blood of people who have little relationship to the regime, and the second is to refrain from bloodshed, or to remain in the status of prisoners of war, for us it is a hard decision to be in the status of prisoner of war”, — quotes the portal words of the statement Avetisyan.

Earlier on Saturday, July 30, the national security Service of Armenia filed seized the building of the police an ultimatum. The authorities asked them to surrender before 17:00 local time. Otherwise, the special forces had to go to storm, and they warned about the right to open fire without warning and also to neutralize any armed person. Intelligence agencies also warned that anyone who tries to illegally enter the territory of the Department, will be regarded as accomplices of terrorism and prosecuted.

A day earlier, the opposition rally turned into a March to the captured by an armed group in the territory of the police station. The protesters tried to break through the police cordon and approach the seized building. The police used stun grenades and broke up the protest, more than 100 people were detained around 60 people were injured.

On July 17, an armed group of the “Sasna tsrer” (“the Violent of Sasun”) seized the branch PPP in Yerevan, resulting in a policeman was killed Arthur Vanean and six people were injured. The attackers first demanded the release from prison of a party to the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh Zhirayr Sefilyan, a suspect in the illegal acquisition and possession of weapons, and then the resignation of the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan.