The exchange rate of the dollar rose above 67 rubles.

The dollar on the Moscow exchange for the first time since June 24, rose above 67 rubles. For the maximum value it reached 67.3 per RUB, at 68.5 kopecks above yesterday’s closing level.

Simultaneously, the Euro increased by 77,75 kopecks and reached 74,53 RUB, which was the highest level since June 6.

The depreciation of the ruble against the background of the decline in world oil prices. Oil prices on the ICE exchange for the County $43 a barrel. At a minimum futures price for Brent oil for delivery in October 2016 fell to $42,92 per barrel, which is 0.7% below yesterday’s closing level.

“Continue to develop investors’ concerns about the market glut of oil. So, yesterday it became known that open key export ports in Libya, closed in 2014 due to the armed conflict within the country. The combined capacity of the ports is about 600 thousand Barr./day. Today is also focused on statistics of drilling in the United States: in recent years, this data paying much attention. And although the level of drilling still to small to have any real effect on production in the US, another increase in their number may play a minus oil” — the analyst of PSB Ekaterina Krylova.

In turn, the chief analyst at VTB24 Stanislav Kleshchev has warned that the depth of drawdown of the oil market from its June high of close to 20%.

“This means that we are close to a bearish market for oil. Not retaining the level of $43, you must migrate the purpose below the level of $40, and it is the prospect of another 6% reduction, with all the consequences for the ruble exchange rate. The passage of the pair dollar/ruble level 67 will open the way to 69” — said mites.

By 10:25 Moscow time the price of a barrel of Brent on the ICE stood at $43,05, the dollar on the Moscow stock exchange reached 67,09 Euro — 74,4325 RUB.