The Kremlin, the presidential envoy in the Volga

The new presidential Plenipotentiary envoy in the Volga Federal district, most likely, will be the Deputy head of the government Evgenie Zabarchuk, said two people close to the Kremlin. In this position, he will replace Mikhail Babich, who can become the new Ambassador of Russia in Ukraine. “I can’t say anything”, — said the correspondent of Zabarchuk, answering the question of whether you discussed with him the translation in the Volga Federal district. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin announces personnel changes.

The government Zabarchuk supervised mainly personnel issues, says the source in the White house. According to published on the government website, the list of responsibilities Zabarchuk was responsible for the control of the instructions of the President and the Prime Minister, preparation of sessions and meetings of the government, cooperation with courts and Prosecutor’s office, working with staff, ensuring information security when working with official documents. It is considered a very good specialist, said the source in the government.

Zabarchuk — the native of special services. He graduated from the Higher KGB school and worked in security for 14 years, should be published on the government website biography. Since the end of 1990-ies he worked for a long time with Yuri Chaika. The Ministry of justice he was promoted from assistant to Deputy, and in 2006 went with him to the Prosecutor General. In 2011 he became Deputy head of the government apparatus.

Babich, who will replace Zabarchuk also a strength. He graduated from the Ryazan higher military command school of communications and served in the airborne troops and the KGB. He then worked in the governments of different regions, was the Deputy of the state Duma, and the last time a presidential envoy. But in this post he has not developed relationships with some members of the elite, told earlier sources close to the Kremlin.

On Wednesday the Duma Committee on international Affairs recommended the appointment of Babich is an Ambassador Mikhail Zurabov, who is the President Thursday sent in his resignation. Moscow has asked Kiev consent to the appointment necessary for the approval of the Ambassador. Now everything will depend on the Ukrainian side, said a source close to the Kremlin. If the Ukrainians will approve the candidacy of Babich, Zabarchuk it will change, he said.

Volga Federal district became the sixth region, where the President will replace his representative. On Thursday, the President has replaced the Plenipotentiary in the Siberian Federal district (instead of a native from the interior Ministry took the place of Vice-Admiral stock Sergey meniailo), North-Caucasian district envoy Sergei Melikov went to Resguardo, and appointed in his place close to defense Minister Sergei Shoigu Oleg Belavenets), North-West (the descendant of the KGB Vladimir Bulavin moved to the post of head of Federal customs service, was appointed in his place the Governor of the Kaliningrad region Nikolai Tsukanov), but it also incorporated the Crimean and the southern Federal district under the leadership of former Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov.

In addition, Putin made the governors of the two people who served in his security service. Former Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Dmitry Mironov, “Kommersant” called the ex-aide of the President, became the Governor of the Yaroslavl region. As a former employee of the presidential security Service, former head of the Kaliningrad FSB Evgeny Senichev headed the Kaliningrad oblast.