Trump urged to respect the wishes of Crimea to be with Russia

Candidate for the US presidency from the Republican party, Donald trump confirmed his intention to consider recognition of Crimea as part of Russia in case of his election, and stressed that it is necessary to consider the opinion of Crimeans themselves. He declared it in interview to TV channel ABC News.

“I will consider this question. But you know, the people of Crimea, as far as I know, would prefer to be with Russia, but not where he was before. And you should also take into account,” said trump, responding to a question about whether he recognized the accession of Crimea to Russia legitimate.

Earlier, the Republican has already declared its willingness in the future to consider the question of the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions and the recognition of the Crimea Russia. “We look at this. Yes, we will consider,” said trump on July 27, speaking to reporters in Florida, but then he did not go into details.

In an interview with ABC News, trump also said that to improve relations with Russia “would be great”.

“If we [the U.S.] had a good relationship with Russia, and if Russia helped us to get rid of ISIS (the organization was banned in Russia. — ) as I understand it, we would be able to save a huge amount of money and lives and all the rest. It would be a positive thing, not negative,” said trump.

These statements billionaire gave rise to the foreign media interpreted his words as a call to recognize the Crimea a part of Russia. “The Republican candidate for President Donald trump offers to accept the annexation of Crimea by Russia, if this will improve relations with Moscow and work more closely in the fight against ISIS,” writes the Associated Press.

Crimea became part of Russia after a referendum held on the Peninsula March 16, 2014. Then more than 97% of participants in the plebiscite voted for joining Russia. Ukrainian authorities and Western countries did not recognize the referendum results and called this step “annexation.”

In Kiev, the Crimea is a temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

Trump about Crimea
Donald trump has said he will consider the possibility of recognition of Russian Crimea, if he is elected President. In an interview with ABC television, the Republican candidate said that the residents chose not to be with Ukraine, and it is worth paying attention to. Video: Channel