“Rosatom” has agreed with Ukraine on export of spent nuclear fuel

Ukrainian listed “Rosatom” means the payment services for the storage and reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel (SNF), which gives the possibility of “Rosatom” to resume the export from Ukraine to Russia, reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to familiar with the situation source.

“Now all resumed. The Ukrainian side started to pay about a month and a half ago. Only that the timing has shifted,” said the source, “RIA Novosti, explaining that both parties will try to fulfill the annual plan for exportation to the territory of Russia the Ukrainian spent nuclear fuel.

At the end of may 2016, it became known that due to the lack of payments from Ukraine “Rosatom” has refused to take spent nuclear fuel. As was stated then that the media sources, the cause of the problems was the arrest of accounts of the Ukrainian concern “Energoatom”. At the same time representatives of “Rosatom” said that the complete termination of its contract with Ukraine out of the question.

In July 2016, the head of “Energoatom” Yuri Nedashkovsky said that his company has already started to send the financial payments to the Russian factories and is preparing to send to Russia first in this year’s batch of spent nuclear fuel.

The removal of the spent fuel from Ukraine is regulated by the intergovernmental agreement on scientific-technical and economic cooperation in the field of nuclear energy, which provides for the export to the territory of Russia for temporary storage and reprocessing with the subsequent return to Ukraine of radioactive waste.

Today it became commercial Director of the International center for uranium enrichment (JSC “IUEC”) Gleb Efremov announced the new contract for the supply of raw uranium with the Ukrainian state concern “Nuclear fuel”.

“Now we move to the phase of execution of the contract and expect our Ukrainian partners notification of the shipment to our address raw concentrate,” — said Efremov (quoted by TASS), explaining that the delivery date is enriched in the IUEC uranium will depend on the timing of actual delivery of the Ukrainian raw materials.